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JMAA Mission Statement

TO RECOGNIZE THE ACCOMPLISHMENTS OF ALL OUTSTANDING MISSISSIPPI RECORDING ARTIST AND PERFORMERS IN RHYTHM AND BLUES AND GOSPEL MUSIC ANNUALLY IN JACKSON MISSISSIPPI AND TO PROMOTE MISSISSIPPI AND ITS TALENT INTERNATIONALLY. Mississippi has produced an abundance of musical talent. Blues and Gospel music has its roots in Mississippi and Mississippi is a top producer of stars in Rhythm and Blues and Gospel Music. Our purpose is to bring attention to the accomplishments of these artist promoting pride in all Mississippians. ALL R&B AND GOSPEL INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS (SONGWRITER, PRODUCERS, RECORD LABELS, PRODUCTION COMPANIES, ARTISTS, AND ANNOUNCERS) PLEASE REGISTER WITH US UNDER THE FEEDBACK TAB AS THIS WILL ALLOW US GREATER FLEXIBILITY IN GETTING INFORMATION TO YOU CONCERNING OUR AWARDS ACTIVITIES. Company Profile - Jesse Thompson President, Judy Thompson Vice President, Jason Thompson 1st Vice President, Joe Lewis Secretary / Treasurer.

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Postal address: P.O. Box 20005 Jackson, MS 39289-0005 E-mail:   601-981-4035  FAX: 601-982-3761